La catedral de Notre Dame (en francés: Cathédrale Notre-Dame, lit. Arnaud Later, a leading scholar on Hugo, accused Disney of simplifying, editing and censoring the novel in numerous aspects, including the personalities of the characters. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was no different. [44] Deconstructing Disney notes that the studio "approached the name of God with an almost Hebraic zeal (that it should never be stated) yet here it is invoked in a manner both pious and puritan." In this short film, the west facade of Notre Dame is displayed as an outstanding example of the golden rectangle dominating the idea of beauty and architecture in the western world. There's just no way to delight children with a feel-good version of this story. Su tutor, el juez Frollo, no le permite bajar nunca del Campanario. He also meets and falls in love with a new girl named Madellaine who has come to Paris with her evil circus master, Sarousch. The Gospel According to Disney explains that "it is the church...that interposes, or attempts to interpose itself between the villain and his evil intentions." The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an upcoming American, live-action fantasy film adaptation of the 1996 film of the same name. Recalling the wildebeest stampede in The Lion King, they landed on the idea of using computer animation to generate them. È una giovane donna rom citata in modo dispregiativo con l'insulto "zingara" da molti personaggi. 1482) is a French Gothic novel by Victor Hugo, published in 1831. A Romani woman in the group attempts to flee with her deformed baby, but Frollo chases and kills her outside Notre Dame. Examples of this include when Esmeralda was in trouble with the law and had to stay in the cathedral, she sings "God Help the Outcasts". Synopsis : Paris, au XVème siècle. Their portrayal as comedic friends and confidantes of Quasimodo was inspired by a portion of the novel, which reads "The other statues, the ones of monsters and demons, felt no hatred for Quasimodo…The saints were his friends and blessed him the monsters were his friends, and protected him. A deformed bell-ringer must assert his independence from a vicious government minister in order to help his A cast recording was also recorded in German. [10] In October 1993, directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, art director David Goetz, Roy Conli, Ed Ghertner, Will Finn, Alan Menken, and Stephen Schwartz took a trip to Paris, France, for ten days; three days were devoted to exploring Notre Dame including a private tour of rarely glimpsed sites as actual passageways, stairwells, towers, and a hidden room within which Hugo set his actions. In Ratatouille, Notre Dame de Paris appears on two occasions. The film has many musical motifs that carry throughout the film, weaving their way in and out of various pieces of music, and having varying timbres depending on the action in the story at that point. Edgar Balthazar drives past Notre Dame while taking the cats into the countryside. [41] R&B group All-4-One recorded the song for the end credits of the North American English release,[42] and by the British R&B girl group Eternal in the British English version. The gargoyles encourage Quasimodo to confess his feelings for Esmeralda, but he is heartbroken to discover she and Phoebus have fallen in love. The musical premiered in 1999 in Berlin, … He said, 'Guys, drop everything – you're working on Hunchback now. Shake It! "[60] Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert rewarded the film 4 stars, calling it "the best Disney animated feature since Beauty and the Beast – a whirling, uplifting, thrilling story with a heart touching message that emerges from the comedy and song". Retour sur "Le Bossu de Notre-Dame", monument animé des studios Disney dans les années 90, grandiose réinterprétation du roman de Victor Hugo, et … By law, Notre Dame serves as a refuge for those who are persecuted; people pursued by the law may claim sanctuary within its walls. Notre dame de paris disney film - Wählen Sie dem Sieger Unsere Redaktion hat eine riesige Auswahl an Hersteller & Marken unter die Lupe genommen und wir präsentieren Ihnen hier unsere Ergebnisse des Tests. I only pray that it will accomplish much good in the minds and hearts of its viewers. Thus he would pour out his heart at length to them."[15][16]. [5] Following this, Trousdale and Kirk Wise subsequently attempted developing an animated feature based on the Greek myth of Orpheus titled A Song of the Sea, adapting it to make the central character a humpback whale and setting it in the open ocean. [29] For the role of Phoebus, co-director Kirk Wise explained that "As we're designing the characters, we form a short list of help us find the personality of the character." Il s'agit ainsi assurément du film des studios le plus ambitieux aussi bien graphiquement, scénaristiquement que musicalement. He pursues Quasimodo and Esmeralda to the balcony where he and Quasimodo fight, and both fall over the edge. [26] Ultimately, the directors desired to portray Quasimodo with a younger voice different from the previous portrayals since "[Victor] Hugo described Quasimodo as 20". It's Disney", "Toon Tuesday: Looking Back on Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" -- Part Deux", "Toon Tuesday: Looking Back on Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" -- Part Un", "Parisian Moviegoers Flock To See Hunchback", "Disney made effort to follow Hugo's novel", "Stephen Schwartz Comments on Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame, "15 Disney songs that were cut before they ever made it onto the big screen", "Grammy Award-winning group All-4-One to perform first single from the Walt Disney Records soundtrack 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame, "Looking back at Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame", "The Lion King' Gives A New Voice To Disney Storytelling", "Animation Fever – Other Studios Aim To Break Disney's Grip On Market". She constantly attracts men with her seductive dances, and is rarely seen without her clever goat Djali. In his review, he later wrote that the animators "don't have enough confidence in their own emotional feeling" and that the film "falls back on clichés. Louis P. Sheldon, a Presbyterian pastor and chairman of the Anaheim-based Traditional Values Coalition, affirmed two months before its premiere that "I am thrilled at what I hear about Hunchback, that Disney is seeking to honour Christianity and its role in Western civilization. [20] Following Wickes' death in October 1995,[22] Jane Withers was hired to voice her six remaining lines. THIS ANIMATED FEATURE IS A BROADWAY MUSICAL: QUASI-ADULT AND QUASI-COMPLEX. Tokyo Disneyland • Disney Dreams! The premiere was preceded by a parade through the French Quarter, beginning at Jackson Square and utilizing floats and cast members from Walt Disney World. In the film, the cathedral is enlarged by 150%, its towers have a grill-like design, has twenty-four "car-goyle" statues, the spire is modelled after a spark plug and flying buttresses are shaped like exhaust pipes.[1]. In the films, Quasimodo seems to have a certain attachment to Notre Dame, despite his newly-found allowance of being able to interact with Parisian society. In fact, the words "God", "Lord", and "Hell" are uttered more times in this film than in any other. [74] Jason Alexander, who voiced the gargoyle Hugo in the film, noted that while "Disney would have us believe this movie's like the Ringling Bros., for children of all ages", he would not take his then-four-year-old child to view the film. • The Frog Prince • The Muppet Musicians of Bremen • The Muppets Go to the Movies • The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show • The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years • The Tale of the Bunny Picnic • A Muppet Family Christmas • The Muppets at Walt Disney World • The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson • Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree • Studio DC: Almost Live • A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa • "Duncan Dream House"Movies: The Muppet Movie • The Great Muppet Caper • The Muppet Christmas Carol • Muppet Treasure Island • The Muppets' Wizard of Oz • The Muppets • Muppets Most WantedVideo games: My Muppets Show • Animal Drummer • Tap Tap Muppets • Disney Emoji Blitz• Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, Entertainment: Here Come the Muppets • Hollywood's Pretty Woman • Muppet Mobile Lab • Muppets on Location: Days of Swine and Roses • The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American HistoryRestaurants: PizzeRizzo • The Great Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor • Regal Eagle SmokehouseShops: Stage 1 Company StoreParade: Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade, Humans: Max • Doc Hopper • Snake Walker • Professor Krassman • Bernie the Agent • Lew Lord • Gary • Mary • Dominic Badguy • Nadya • Jean Pierre Napoleon • Lady Holiday • Mike Tarkenian • Neville • Dorcas • Nicky Holiday • Henderson • Stanley • Marla, Carla, and Darla, The Great Muppet Caper: Hey a Movie! [64] Charles Spencer of The Daily Telegraph gave it a positive review, saying "it is thrillingly dramatic, and for long stretches you forget you are watching a cartoon at all... A dazzling treat". An English-language revival of the musical premiered in San Diego on October 28, 2014.[87]. Phoebus releases the gypsies and rallies the Paris citizens against Frollo and his men, who try to break into the cathedral. Quasimodo le … Leer críticas de Notre Dame de París, dirigida por Jean Delannoy. [61] In his written review for the Chicago Tribune, Gene Siskel awarded the film 3½ (out of a possible 4) stars describing the film as "a surprisingly emotional, simplified version of the Victor Hugo novel" with "effective songs and, yes, tasteful bits of humor". "SNEAKS '96 : SUMMER : Hot enough for ya? A world based on the movie, "La Cité des Cloches" (The City of Bells), made its debut appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. From 1997 to 2002 Disney-MGM Studios hosted a live-action stage show based on the film and Disneyland built a new theater-in-the-round and re-themed Big Thunder Ranch as Esmeralda's Cottage, Festival of Foods outdoor restaurant in Fantasyland and Festival of Fools extravaganza, which is now multipurpose space accommodating private events and corporate picnics. It overlooks the windmills in the upper ground within the outskirts of Paris, where one of windmills which used to be occupied by Maurice, his wife and Belle, which was visited by herself and the Beast through a magical book given by the Enchantress. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: 10 Things It Does Better Than Every Other Disney Animated Film. Le long métrage a rapporté plus de 325 millions de … The Gospel According to Disney includes a quote that says "religion... appears as an impotent, irrelevant caricature [and] Disney refuses to admit a serious role for religion". Notre Dame Cathedral is a church in Paris, France. As part of the promotion of the film, Walt Disney Records shipped two million products, including sing-along home videos, soundtrack CD's, and the "My First Read Along" novelized version of the film, aimed at a toddler demographic. The 34th Disney animated feature film and the seventh produced during the Disney Renaissance, the film is based on the 1831 novel of the same name by Victor Hugo.