Swegon James A Pvt 33rd Armor 33732104 Infantry Gauthier Albert J Pvt 36th Inf 9/21/1944 31403570 Infantry Graby Roger L Pvt 33rd Armor 3/5/1945 37698151 Infantry Weaver Robert H 2 Lt 32nd Armor 8/17/1944 01018597 Infantry Benner Leslie R Pvt 33rd Armor 7/15/1944 39305085 Infantry Students who have earned a minimum grade-point average of 3.500 to 3.699 are named to the Dean's List. Peterson Henry W B Cpl 33rd Armor 37110712 Infantry Hoss Marion C Sgt 32nd Armor 7/29/1944 36042904 Infantry Steele Norman W Tec 5 143rd Signal Co 4/16/1945 15326297 Signal Pagano Anthony Tec 5 32nd Armor 32106939 Infantry Cunningham Jessie J Tec 5 32nd Armor 2/26/1945 35869493 Armor Tofel Roman C Tec 5 36th Inf 9/22/1944 36157610 Infantry Crotts Melvin E Tec 4 33rd Armor 11/17/1944 37129938 Infantry Lewakowski T J Sgt 83rd Recon 36037176 Cavalry Williams Jack O Pvt 36th Inf 8/10/1944 35875303 Infantry Sceurman Edgar A 1 Lt 36th Inf 01318373 Infantry Bailey Charles L Tec 5 33rd Armor 3/29/1945 36024094 Armor O'Brien Brice W Cpl 33rd Armor 11/16/1944 36042889 Armor Schriever Marvin G Pvt 33rd Armor 37675377 Infantry Spores Vernon M Pfc 36th Inf 36960307 Infantry Horowitz Julius Pvt 36th Inf 3/3/1945 32811792 Infantry Hardy Gordon B Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 6/29/1944 14019083 Engineers Granahan Arthur R S Sgt 36th Inf 7/10/1944 37605988 Infantry Ochoa Jose R S Sgt 36th Inf 38032356 Infantry Kotz Stanley F Pfc 67th FA 1/10/1945 36036212 Armor Browse by Name. Bodian Samuel I Pvt 36th Inf 9/6/1944 31382567 Infantry Kozmenski William J Pfc 36th Inf 32841780 Infantry Garber George H Tec 5 36th Inf 11/9/1944 12034060 Infantry Gregory Robert D S Sgt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 35046706 Infantry McGuire Garlett Pvt 36th Inf 35871280 Infantry Barrett Walter S 1 Lt 36th Inf 10/4/1944 O1324493 Infantry Ingram Richard R Pvt 67th FA 36313819 Armor Lawler Albert L Jr Pvt 33rd Armor 34765385 Infantry Johnson Jack A Pvt 36th Inf 37742137 Infantry Knight Virgil L S Sgt 36th Inf 14016181 Infantry Peacock L E Pvt 36th Inf 9/19/1944 38482192 Infantry O'Donnell Charles F S Sgt 36th Inf 33359403 Infantry Gregory Neal W Pvt 36th Inf 6/30/1944 34174291 Infantry Bradney Karl Pfc 32nd Armor 9/12/1944 35264552 Medical Corps Zion Saul Pfc 36th Inf 8/1/1944 34230832 Infantry Fulghum Ellis L Pvt 32nd Armor 7/28/1944 34399595 Armor Darkes John W Cpl 33rd Armor 1/21/1945 33013449 Armor Rand Melvin C Cpl 703rd TD Bn Armor Kindler Earl R 1 Lt 83rd Recon 01010617 Infantry Camerson Charles E Pfc 83rd Recon 1/5/1945 33707896 Cavalry Long Ralph W Pfc 36th Inf 33833290 Infantry Sutliff Earl R Tec 4 703rd TD Bn Armor Lawrence James H Pvt 36th Inf 35845541 Infantry Bonser Charles A Sr Pfc 36th Inf 9/27/1944 33483225 Infantry Bliss Eli D Pvt 391st FA 9/26/1944 32031277 Armor Schweiger Gustav F S Sgt 36th Inf 37120145 Infantry Corpening Glenn R Pvt 33rd Armor 4/18/1945 34867549 Armor Barron Jason H 1 Lt 36th Inf 8/17/1944 O1295652 Infantry Neal William E Pvt 83rd Recon 32945125 Cavalry Finnigsmier Harvey W Pvt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 37486044 Infantry Vriner William P Pfc 67th FA 36366194 Armor, W Skurnit Rudolph Pvt 33rd Armor 12/26/1944 36883361 Armor Steele Quinton O Pvt 32nd Armor 34971332 Infantry Misunstad Norman B Tec 5 36th Inf 38506589 Infantry Kassanitsh Elmer A Pfc 36th Inf 36364177 Infantry Ksanovsky Steve Pvt 36th Inf 35917508 Infantry Gordon Lawrence S Pfc 32nd Armor 8/13/1944 19074804 Armor Petrarca Annibale A Pfc A Btry 486th AAA Bn Moran Walter J Tec 4 32nd Armor 37120540 Infantry Gann Clarence H Sgt 703rd TD Bn Armor Newton Paul A Pvt 33rd Armor 14010321 Armor Miller Sam Sgt 36th Inf 9/19/1944 37097135 Infantry Skip to main content. Lovejoy Dawsie B Jr Tec 4 32nd Armor 34196278 Infantry Wooten Charles L Pfc 33rd Armor 3/29/1945 34812616 Armor Miller Edward Pfc 33rd Armor 36314644 Infantry Evans Harlan W Sgt 32nd Armor 11/21/1944 15089804 Armor Rose Charles H 1 Lt 32nd Armor 12/23/1944 01014699 Armor Zitkus Walter Tec 5 36th Inf 9/5/1944 36042680 Infantry Brehm William C Jr Pvt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 33512196 Infantry Goff Ivan P Sgt 23rd Engr Bn 8/15/1944 36037125 Engineers Kuykendall Roy C Pvt 67th FA 19111018 Armor Stefanick William Sgt 32nd Armor 37159435 Infantry Darsison Addison L Cpl 33rd Armor 7/11/1944 38022636 Infantry Myers Charles E 1 Lt 32nd Armor 3/27/1945 0-439834 Armor Trask Philip E Cpl 33rd Armor 1/10/1945 31429600 Infantry Harris Melvin L Pfc 36th Inf 9/28/1945 39724232 Infantry Kron Axel W S Sgt 33rd Armor 37032900 Infantry Kagy Kenneth H Pfc 23rd Engr Bn 9/21/1944 15075248 Engineers Gennette James V Cpl 54th FA 12/28/1944 30152405 Armor Jager Neal H Tec 5 33rd Armor 37120447 Infantry McMullan Walter C S Sgt 36th Inf 20403343 Infantry Simons Waitman G Tec 4 33rd Armor 35275134 Infantry Pegula Stephen J Pfc 36th Inf 33614705 Infantry Wood Guy L Pfc 36th Inf 8/5/1944 34766494 Infantry Minikin John C Pvt 83rd Recon 36037763 Cavalry Bulander Henry J Pfc 36th Inf 9/21/1944 36072541 Infantry Thompson John T Tec 5 32nd Armor 8/15/1944 34165301 Infantry Van Bockel John H S Sgt 33rd Armor 9/18/1944 37078119 Armor Villemure Leonard J Pvt 703rd TD Bn Armor Saylor Clarence A 2 Lt 33rd Armor 01012802 Cavalry Crane Woodrow W Sgt 36th Inf 8/29/1944 34230984 Infantry Bateman John T Sgt 36th Inf 9/23/1944 34180429 Infantry Encert Elwyn F Tec 5 33rd Armor 7/11/1944 32211810 Infantry 786-677-6490 Zdenka Throop. Scallan Allen P Tec 4 703rd TD Bn Armor Kuhta Michael F 2 Lt 391st FA 9/7/1944 0-538657 Armor Linville William T S Sgt 36th Inf 35877251 Infantry Dunajski Harry J Pvt 33rd Armor 9/20/1944 36674709 Infantry Haile Oliver W Cpl 54th FA 1/16/1945 37130019 Armor Holley Joseph R Tec 5 33rd Armor 9/19/1944 38079772 Medical Corps Welfling Raymond G Cpl 33rd Armor 4/15/1945 36212984 Armor Hendrix Carl R Pvt 83rd Recon 11/16/1944 34739431 Infantry Richmond Reay D Sgt 83rd Recon 20956900 Cavalry Corcoran Edward P 2 Lt 33rd Armor 11/20/1944 01018353 Armor Gunkel Joseph J Cpl 991st FA 9/5/1944 20248699 Field Artillery Willis James 1 Lt 54th FA 12/11/1944 01166868 Armor or use Brady Frank L Jr Pfc 32nd Armor 9/19/1944 33765309 Infantry Ostendorf Orval O Cpl 33rd Armor 3/3/1945 37120260 Armor Lampman William C Pvt 33rd Armor 4/15/1945 32214325 Armor Flavell John H Pvt 33rd Armor 8/10/1944 31369740 Infantry Cornelius Roy A Sgt 36th Inf 4/15/1945 38398986 Infantry Smith Fred C Jr S Sgt 36th Inf 35366720 Infantry Kopetch Ted C 2 Lt 83rd Recon 01017786 Infantry Koch John W Pvt 33rd Armor 35297412 Infantry Lewis Robert S Pfc 36th Inf 33689492 Infantry Sweeney Michael J Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 2/28/1945 33803148 Engineers Garrity Thomas A Sgt 33rd Armor 1/20/1945 36118736 Infantry Broncich Mark P Pvt 391st FA 3/15/1945 32183144 Armor Grandstaff Sammy A T Sgt 36th Inf 9/21/1944 37095998 Infantry Kempcke George W S Sgt 36th Inf 9/25/1944 37120207 Infantry Maas Myron E T Sgt 36th Inf 12/14/1944 06557147 Robinson Robert I Tec 5 32nd Armor 31440073 Armor Titus David Tec 5 32nd Armor 4/13/1945 31328193 Armor Patlik Matthew R Pfc 33rd Armor 33766487 Armor Garrison Roy A Sgt 32nd Armor 9/19/1944 37016219 Armor Hamilton Stewart A Sgt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 20231241 Infantry Sherman Albert Sgt 32nd Armor 33609307 Armor Strode Carl B Pvt 33rd Armor 35453703 Infantry Nowicki Peter Pfc 36th Inf 36983529 Infantry Seavey Clement H Jr Cpl 33rd Armor 12/23/1944 31332056 Armor Don Sing T Pfc 36th Inf 6/29/1944 18096785 Infantry Darbee Harold C S Sgt 36th Inf 4/19/1945 36117964 Infantry Fasula John J Sgt 33rd Armor 1/6/1945 06846404 Armor Ciccolini James Tec 5 33rd Armor 9/3/1944 32192272 Infantry Flight George E Pfc 36th Inf 7/10/1944 36042960 Infantry Crawford James H Pfc 32nd Armor 3/24/1945 34851186 Armor Hartman Celestine G Pfc 32nd Armor 8/17/1944 37016334 Infantry Resnick Aaron 2 Lt 36th Inf 01014520 Infantry Geyer Wilbur I Cpl 32nd Armor 8/17/1944 36313533 Infantry Infantry Marcus Sol Pvt 33rd Armor 32342916 Infantry 786-677-8099 Virlie Ciaccia. DiDavid Patsy J Pvt 83rd Recon 1/18/1945 33813616 Cavalry Kallio Waino W Sgt 32nd Armor 36036938 Armor Farr Eugene G Pvt 83rd Recon 12/24/1944 33541846 Medical Corps Rhinehart Kenneth R Sgt 36th Inf 12/4/1945 36980490 Infantry Smolnisky Elmer S SSgt A Btry 486th AAA Bn Hotchkiss John P Pfc 36th Inf 12/23/1944 39049161 Infantry Hunt Leo R Pfc 32nd Armor 8/17/1944 38402340 Infantry Fox William D Pvt 33rd Armor 9/15/1944 33311440 Armor Grosclose Eugene Pvt 33rd Armor 9/18/1944 34491938 Infantry Lemire Paul R Pvt 36th Inf 1/9/1945 31392404 Infantry Porter John R Pfc 32nd Armor 32349906 Medical Corps Frigiano Mike Pvt 32nd Armor 7/17/1944 32795261 Infantry Rumberger Peter F Cpl 33rd Armor 33149313 Infantry Botts Earnest E Pfc 23rd Engr Bn 9/3/1944 38072099 Engineers Davis William C Cpl 33rd Armor 11/19/1944 35283203 Infantry  F  G Stucker David R Tec 5 23rd Engr Bn 37059860 Engineers Forster Wilbert C Cpl 83rd Recon 7/8/1944 36314619 Cavalry Cranstoun John D Pfc 36th Inf 9/21/1944 32956110 Infantry 38360628 Cavalry Morris Frank T Jr 2 Lt 83rd Recon 3/5/1945 0-477432 Cavalry Thompson William R Sgt 33rd Armor 8/9/1944 37110813 Infantry Jaglarski Casimer S Pfc 36th Inf 36908249 Infantry Oliaro Albert D Tec 4 33rd Armor 37016097 Infantry Coggeshall Clifford Pvt 36th Inf 3/30/1945 31435936 Infantry Miller Leroy Pfc 23rd Engr Bn 36024216 Engineers Smith Arthur G Tec 4 33rd Armor 1/5/1945 32211927 Armor Brest led 3-0 at halftime through midfielder Paul Lasne, striker Gaëtan Charbonnier and forward Irvin Cardona. Hernandez Henry Pfc 36th Inf 8/17/1944 34546281 Infantry Schurko Nicholas M Pfc 36th Inf 32459730 Infantry Ivan John Pfc 36th Inf 32638878 Infantry Heitz Sam J Cpl 33rd Armor 8/9/1944 35283379 Infantry Nebel Jack H Pfc 33rd Armor 36814329 Armor Oliver John H Pfc 32nd Armor 38161097 Infantry Peterson Lloyd M Pfc 23rd Engr Bn 37032667 Engineers Davis Raymond O Tec 5 83rd Recon 1/25/1945 33141946 Medical Corps Pence Gilbert W Cpl 32nd Armor 37466776 Infantry Walton Floyd B Tec 5 HHC 3AD 10/1/1944 34138898 Infantry Sechler Clarence C Tec 5 33rd Armor 33136792 Infantry Marzolf Harold Tec 5 83rd Recon 36313513 Cavalry Honorat dès la septième minute d’un splendide enroulé pied droit qui finissait dans la lucarne de Moulin… après une passe de Cardona. Digital Commons @ DU. Siergiej Stanley V Sgt 33rd Armor 12054895 Armor Venturi Angelo J Pvt 33rd Armor 7/16/1944 36327175 Infantry Brestel Frank R Tec 5 83rd Recon 8/1/1944 37071809 Cavalry Schachter Raphael Cpl 703rd TD Bn Armor Conrad Charles A Cpl 36th Inf 9/17/1944 38194163 Infantry Jones Thomas R Cpl 36th Inf 38024367 Infantry Paquette Roland J S Sgt 33rd Armor 31008322 Infantry Spencer Vernon C 1 Lt 33rd Armor 01017208 Infantry Armor Hebert Joseph C Tec 5 32nd Armor 9/14/1944 31381105 Infantry Roberts Clifton R 2 Lt 36th Inf 01039877 Infantry Peterson Jack E 1 Lt HHC 3AD 01166810 Field Artillery Penoyer Earl C Pvt 36th Inf 36885104 Infantry Cooper Dale C Pvt 36th Inf 1/11/1945 36970428 Infantry Lade Dale L Cpl 32nd Armor 17165425 Infantry Horowitz Paul Pfc 32nd Armor 9/14/1944 32196062 Armor Cobb Jodie W Pfc 36th Inf 1/14/1945 07006703 Infantry Sexton Luther S Tec 5 33rd Armor 34138642 Armor Nearhood Alvin H Pfc 36th Inf 16148108 Infantry Morris James D Pvt 36th Inf 34878895 Infantry Cleveland James N Jr Capt 33rd Armor 8/13/1944 01283025 Infantry Crooks John P Pvt 32nd Armor 9/2/1944 38032796 Infantry Stabilo Joseph R Tec 4 32nd Armor 31006078 Infantry Tiencken Henry M Jr Pvt 36th Inf 8/25/1944 33133748 Infantry Lazaric John L Pvt 36th Inf 36036387 Infantry Kessler Marion W Pfc 36th Inf 35549751 Infantry Popovich Joseph P Pfc 391st FA 33153674 Armor Olsen Fredrick C Pfc 32nd Armor 39212051 Armor Crawford Charles E Jr 1 Lt 36th Inf 11/24/1945 0-437856 Infantry Goldberg Arnold Pvt 36th Inf 4/18/1945 42176260 Infantry Brown Virgil L Sgt 183rd FA Bn 7/28/1944 20927377 Field Artillery Edwards Walter O Jr Pvt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 36784968 Infantry Burroughs Howard G Cpl 33rd Armor 9/8/1944 36118457 Infantry Olmstead Harold E Sgt 36th Inf 38021952 Infantry Gruhn Robert A T Sgt 36th Inf 11/14/1944 36157397 Infantry Wancour Raymond W Pvt 36th Inf 9/22/1944 36896702 Infantry Patrican Edmund J Pvt B Btry 486th AAA Bn Hedrick Richard B Tec 5 32nd Armor 6/29/1944 37016867 Infantry Barabas Charles Pfc 36th Inf 3/26/1945 35171721 Infantry Mazurek Charles H Pfc 36th Inf 36980136 Infantry Yates Kenneth L SSgt B Btry 486th AAA Bn Smith Richard M Cpl 33rd Armor 16061720 Infantry Kelley Parle P Cpl 33rd Armor 39724123 Infantry Browse for professionals listed alphabetically by first name in the following bracket: 'G' - Page 338 Gielow Walter B Pfc 33rd Armor 8/12/1945 36327153 Infantry Brocknan Joseph S Tec 5 33rd Armor 8/17/1944 15382245 Infantry McCoy John J Pfc 33rd Armor 1/15/1944 33771608 Armor Gerke Herman W Pfc 33rd Armor 1/15/1945 37705207 Infantry Morgan Robert A Pvt 83rd Recon 34348842 Cavalry Hutchins Marvin T Tec 5 32nd Armor 8/15/1944 34177473 Infantry Before moving to Jessica's current city of Uncasville, CT, Jessica lived in East Hartford CT. Jessica also answers to Jessica A Drapeau, and perhaps a couple of other names. Reid Arthur C Pvt 36th Inf 12/12/1944 31450466 Infantry Birt John F Sgt 36th Inf 8/27/1944 39287957 Infantry Nowak Henry T Pfc 36th Inf 42093028 Infantry Infantry Morries Robert L Pfc 36th Inf 3/7/1945 37625530 Infantry Sheridan James E Pfc 36th Inf 15337585 Infantry George Hubert H S Sgt 36th Inf 9/5/1944 20361743 Infantry Buckner Amos O Pfc 36th Inf 8/6/1944 34281763 Infantry Kirksey Charles H Tec 5 33rd Armor 34197106 Infantry Smyczynski Thomas R Pfc 33rd Armor 36119944 Infantry Bowling Maxwell S S Sgt 23rd Engr Bn 8/14/1944 37120292 Engineers Kuske Myron L Sgt 32nd Armor 37032189 Infantry Dooley Thomas T Pvt 33rd Armor 8/7/1944 34611119 Infantry Schooley Xon Cpl 32nd Armor 36038082 Infantry Kryski Casmir J 2 Lt 33rd Armor 01018335 Infantry sc a m m ers ’ d eli g ht th e lega l cost o f ph i s h i n g sc h e m es